Property Styling

What are the benefits of styling my property?
Our experienced stylists will help you get your home ready for sale by ensuring all the best qualities and features of the home are amplified. A styled property allows potential buyers to get a feel for how they can make the property their own and mitigate any sense of doubt.

The Blok Design team ensure that their selection of quality furnishings will complement your property and ultimately attribute to you achieving your desired sale price. We do not offer mood boards for styling recommendations as we like to keep our planning processes fluid as we need to work with stock available.
How much will it cost to style my property?
We work in with your budget. Styling your property assists in achieving and often surpassing your sale price. Our Packages start from $1,600, and is a small financial investment into the sale of your property.
How long will it take to get my property styled?
We work quickly and within your desired timeframes. We can style a property with as little as 48hrs notice.
How long can I hire the furniture for?
6 weeks. 1 week to style, photograph and get your marketing campaign up and running. 4 weeks selling campaign and 1 additional week to make sure your property has a contract on it/unconditional.
What if my house doesn’t sell?
Based on our experience, 97% of properties sell within the 6 week allocation. If furniture is required for longer, we work on a week by week hire rate.
Do you style our own furniture?
Yes we can use your furniture if it complements the look we would like to achieve. Our primary objective is to entice the right buyers for your property and we do this by tailoring the design to suit the property and the target market you are trying to appeal to.
Do we have to move out of our house?
No. Selling your house can be a very stressful time for you and your family. You can continue to live in the house, however we recommend you take photographs of every room so you can replicate the look for your inspections.
What are the payment terms?
We require a deposit to be made upon signing up with us to secure a date and furniture, and the balance is due prior to the installation.
Are you insured?
We have full insurance for all of our furniture for the entirety of your campaign.
Where do you work?
For now we are servicing all areas of Brisbane, Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast including the Redlands and Bayside areas.
Can I select specific pieces for my property?
Our team plan and design your home for sale based on their intimate knowledge of the market, current design trends and styling experience so we request that you allow us to put this experience into practice and trust that our furniture and styling selections are the best for your property.
How do you choose furniture for my property?
We take pride in selecting the best furniture to complement your property. Not every property is the same and not every style works across all properties. We amplify the characteristics of the property and create sense of style and charm.
Can I keep my furniture in the house?
If there is existing furniture in the property we do our best to work as much of it into our styling plan as possible to avoid too much disruption to your home. If there are pieces that we think need to be removed we will discuss an action plan with you.