Interior Design & Decoration

What’s included in the Initial Design Consultation? How long will the first meeting take?
To assist in deciding what service will fit you best, your journey starts with a face-to-face Initial Interior Design Consultation with one of our qualified Interior Designers. We get to know you and your design requirements. We talk through your lifestyle and your individual likes and dislikes, budget, timeframes helping us build a detailed project brief to gain a clear understanding of how you wish to utilise the spaces. This consultation can either take place in our design offices located in Hendra or onsite at your property, and generally lasts for up to 2 hours.
What’s the difference between Interior Design and Interior Decoration?
The simplest way to answer this is that Interior Design delves into the science of understanding how a person lives within a space, ensuring that each space is functional and well thought out as well as beautiful. Interior Decoration is the furnishing of a space. This may include furniture, wall and window coverings, soft accessories and decor. Our team are qualified Interior Designers with a huge amount of experience in decoration, ensuring we can complete both interior design and interior decoration projects from concept to completion.
Why do I need an Interior Designer if I already have an architect?
It depends on the scope of your project. An Architect designs the structure of the home mainly focused on the shape of the building, structural requirements, exterior materials, interior layout and requirements for utilities like power, plumbing and water. An Interior designer takes the architects structural plan and determines all of the aesthetic and functional details ensuring a consistent cohesive use of colour and materials throughout the space as well as curating furniture and fittings that complement the architectural build.
What type of projects can Blok Design Co. do?
We can work with you on any Residential or Commercial design project, however big or small. Our design services are inclusive of furniture, wall treatments, window treatments and all the accessories to put the finishing touches to your home. If you are a looking for guidance on your renovation or new build including selection of colours, materials, finishes and fittings throughout, our team of Designers can also assist with this!
Do I need a designer if I only want help with new furniture?
An Interior Designer offers knowledge of space planning, use of colour and materials to ensure your furniture will fit perfectly in your home/property. They ensure the selections work well together and compliment the style of your home. Our clients tell us that engaging in our design services has helped them bring together a design vision by incorporating some existing pieces along with new.
Where do you get your furniture?
We source furniture from a huge range of trade only suppliers and furniture retailers across Australia. We choose furniture and decor to suit your budget and deliver the look that best meets your brief. We also have skilled upholstery contacts that can create bespoke furniture, window coverings and accessories to ensure your home is unique.
What cities do you work in?
We cover all in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast.
What is your style?
At Blok Design Co. we do not have one particular style, we prefer to work with our clients and their personal style to develop creative design solutions. We take the time and effort to understand your vision for your property to help you achieve your desired results.
Can you integrate my favourite pieces of furniture or accessories into the design?
Absolutely!! We encourage this. There is no need to start completely from scratch. We will work with you to understand those pieces you love and want to keep and we will ensure we curate a design that encompasses these. The flow can be created through the use of colour and textures.
How involved in the process will I need to be?
Our process can be completely tailored to you. We can manage the entire process from planning, selection and implementation or we can provide consultation only and give you the direction you need to complete your project. With both the full and partial design services, our clients can decide on their level of involvement with the design team and the overall process.
How can an interior designer save me money?
An Interior Designer can save you money in multiple ways. First of all, one of the biggest savings is time! Our team spend their lives researching products and suppliers and can develop design concepts to present to you quickly and to brief. Then, our access to trade only suppliers allows us to pass on discounts all year round (not just at sale time) that are only available through hiring an Interior Designer.
I don’t know what style I want – can you still help?
We can definitely still help. Start collecting all the images that you love and we can sit together in our initial consultation and discuss your inspiration. Our designers are experts in understanding and interpreting a client’s style even if the client themselves are unsure.